Breeder of show and pet rabbits.

Breeds: Mini Lop,  Satin, and  Polish rabbits.

Rabbitopia Stud has been breeding and selling show quality, pedigree rabbits since 2006. It all started with some pets around about 2000. From the beginning we got some good show quality blood lines into our stock. Quite a few are from champion lines. Our bunnies have large cages to live in and we also have rabbit runs for them to exersice in and explore. Some of our bunnies also like to go for a walk on the harness. 

Our aim is to produce great rabbits that have all the qualities that are desired in both pet and show rabbits. We combine things wanted in a show rabbit like good head shape with the tameness and friendly nature wanted in a pet. We start gently handling and playing with our rabbits from a few days after birth to get them very tame and used to human contact so you can have  a great play mate.


When you buy a rabbit from us, we can provide pedigree papers for a small charge if you want them.  For free you get all the good advise that can only come from an experienced breeder. You may ask as many questions as you like. Please do not buy baby rabbits that are under 8 weeks old. They need to stay with Mum till then to develope a healthy immune system.

Check out our rabbits by going to the "Mini Lops", "Satins" and "Polish" pages. The colours of the babies for sale will sometimes be the colours of  the parents but often unexpected colours will pop up. So if the colour you want is not shown please contact us to see if we have it.

What bunnies are currently available for sale is constantly changing. To find out what we have right now please call us on 02) 61560537 or email me at [email protected] or send an enquiry via the "Contact us" page. We sell babies and sometimes adult rabbits.  To see some photos of previous litters go to "Photos" page and select baby mini lops or baby polish.

Also available for sale are rabbit care books, one of them was recommended on "Burkes Back Yard" and an "Edible Garden Greens for Bunny" article is now available for purchase too. To see a list of all the products we sell click the "Products" page.

PRODUCTS - see "Products" page for full details.

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