Breeder of show and pet rabbits.

From Rabbitopia you can buy:  

To buy any of these rabbit products - go to the Contact Us or Location buttons at the top of this page for email, phone and address details. 


For Sale:                 1) Rabbits -     babies,     adults,     rescued rabbits

                                                    2) Rabbit cages -   sometimes

                                                    3)  "Edible Garden greens for bunny" article   

                                                    4)  rabbit books

                                                    5)   lucerne tree seadlings



1) Baby rabbits. - Photos are examples only.

To find out what babies are available right now call us on 02) 6156 0537 or see "Location" page for address and email.


 Adult rabbits - Photos are examples only.


when available. These can be good pets and/or rabbits for breeding etc.


Rescued Rabbits - Photos are examlpes only.


Sometimes rabbits are available that have been rescued from the RSPCA or are no longer wanted by there owner.  


2) Rabbit Cages - when available.


3) "Edible Garden Greens for Bunny - Helps you provide a good varied diet from free plants and weeds in your garden"


I have created a 30 page folder/book showing photos of all the common and not so common garden plants, weeds and vegetables that you can feed your bunny. It includes info on weeds, veggies, herbs, fruit plants, flowering shrubs, other plants and a further reading list on maters like toxic plants and medical use of herbs. In the second edition I will include some info on general diet, for examlpe pellets and hay. 







4) A recommended rabbit care book.

This book has been recommended on "Burkes Back Yard" and by vets, rabbits fanciers and pet owners.  I use it all the time. It is the only Australian pet rabbit book. It is very easy to read and very informative. I often sell a copy of it to people buying a rabbit from me.







Some other good books available through http://www.amazon.com/

All 3 books are by Lucile Moore

  •    Rabbit Nutrition and Nutritional Healing         
  •    When your Rabbit Needs Special Care - Traditional and Alternative Healing Method     
  •    A house rabbit primer - understanding and caring for your companion rabbit


5) Lucerne tree seadlings - (Tagasastie). 


A fodder plant for rabbits, chooks, pigs and all grass eating animals. You can grow it in your back yard to feed to your rabbit. It is hardy fast growing and drought tolerant. For more info on this plant go to the "Lucerne tree info" button at the top of the page.






Can be grown as a hedge or a tree. You can cut small branches from it to feed to your bunny whenever you like. You can let it grow into a full size tree or keep it small and bushy by keeping it trimmed. This hedge is only 3 years old and the trees below only 4 years old. Both have been cut back many, many times for the bunnies.


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  Baby rabbits              Adult rabbits   


 Rescued rabbits


Rabbit books  



 Lucerne tree seedlings



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